Australian Accouting Course

Student experinces with the online Accoutning Course

Australian Accouting Course

Last week I received an email from someone asking Accounting and Finance course was a good area of study and whether or not they should take the time to learn and enroll in such a subject within a university or TAFE and the answer like a lot of these questions is maybe.

Should I study a Diploma or Certificate IV?

If you are completely new to the subject I would recommend enrolling in a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping or Certificate IV in accounting. Students that don't have interests in the accounting field soon realize that to be the case without wasting much money or time. the course can usually be completed in under a year and there are many providers that offer the course for under $3,000.

Does study accounting make you crazy?

Well I did my education online in Australia and the short is yes, looking at numbers every single day and finding out in some cases that people earn more money in a day that you earn in a year can be frustrating but if you can get past those factors than you might be ok. But no promises if you go crazy don't say I didn't warn you.

Job opportunity in complete my certificate or diploma in accounting or finance

One thing you can always be sure as long as we use the money to buy and sell merchandise, there will always be a need for accountants and bookkeepers. So if you are looking to study something that has lots of job security and long term benefits then this is the course for you. Although one thing to keep in mind is that you will be dealing with numbers and people the majority of your time so if that's something you hate doing then maybe this course is not for you.

Where should I study the accounting course

A lot of people enroll in this courses online or a blended version. Which means you have online and in classroom experience at the same time. Really good for those that don't like travel but enjoy the idea of being able to speak to someone and get an answer to the questions they have. For those that are in Melbourne, there are lots of options including which is located in Melbourne Reservoir. Their office is located right across the train station which allows students to save money on owning a car and traveling for the education. You can check out their Dolph Business school google page. Just want to mention I am not associated with them, I just live near by and enjoyed or polite and friendly they are :)

The Final verdict

Much like all other courses, it comes down to individual preferences. If you like the idea of working with numbers on a daily basis then this course is great for you. If you hate the idea of numbers or struggled with Maths in school then maybe this course is not for you and you should look at other options. Having said that you don't know until you give it a go, so there is nothing wrong with speaking to some education providers and asking I you can sit it on some classes to see the type of material you will be learning