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Prices of Australian Education

Education Course Prices

One of the common questions that you get about any one that is thinking about undertaking at type of education course whether it be at a training institution, collage or university is how much is this going to cost and will I be able to afford it. With the cost of living always on the increase can I afford to study. My answer to this is always can you afford to not to study because now you have options in online study in Australia. As you mentioned the price of everything is going up. In fact most cases the only thing that doesn't go up is the wages of those people that have a low level of education. They are always struggling to increase the their salaries and the minimum wage but they are always chasing and never in front of the eight ball. where as if you are on the other side and have an education or a qualification behind you then you don't have any issues because if you a skill like booking keeping for example there is always a need because people either don't know or don't want to do it themselves which means they have to pay someone else and you can detiermin how much you charge do you don't rely on a minimum wage increase to keep a roof over your head and food on the table

Does the government offer any student loan?

The government does offer student loans but like everything else nothing comes from free. The government charges 20% loan fee which is completely crazy in my opinion because in some of those cases you are using a university that is government owed. So they increase their prices of the courses and then charge you a interest on top of that. The government loves the idea of double dipping and trying to take money of people that are only trying to study which will inturn make the country better. Better education means higher wages which means higher taxes but it never seems to be thought about like that with the exception of the Singapore and European education system

Is the study debt you undertake worth it in the end

The short answer is no. But if you are in a field like law then yes. The simple reason is when you are starting out in law in order to get a job you need to have gone to a great school and got fantastic results during that time but if you are looking to start your own accounting business then having a huge study debt doesn't realy make sense. You might as well choose a private training centre as there fees are generally less.