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Cetacean Conservation is an independent advocacy and research organisation focused on the development of large scale ecosystem-based conservation models and adaptive management plans that are responsive to the needs of wild animal populations; promoting the use of legal mechanisms such as the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) to provide interconnected regional frameworks; and establishing and developing the role of civil society in track-one and track-two international conservation diplomacy.

Our underpinning philosophy is that future conservation efforts must acknowledge and progress the intrinsic rights of wild animal populations to be free from anthropogenic interference and have perpetual security for their critical habitats.

Margi Prideaux, Bio

Margi Prideaux is the principle Director of Cetacean Conservation. 
A specialist in migratory species protection policy development, with over 18 years of Australian and international marine policy and negotiation experience, she has participated in over a dozen different international and Australian domestic processes.
She has a PhD in International Relations focusing on the development of cetacean protection policy & law and is an Associate Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer with the School of International Studies at the University of South Australia. 
She has authored more 30 reports, papers and conference presentations on marine migratory species protection, regional agreement development, marine protected areas and the role of global civil society in track one and track two international diplomacy.