Papers and Publications

The following documents are the current papers, publications and soft presentations in the area of species protection, the role of global civil society and the development of regional conservation regimes by Dr Margi Prideaux.

Prideaux M, Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation: The Bonn Migratory Species Convention and the value of a Migratory Range Approach, Presentation to the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law 3rd Colloquium, 2005 (available on request)

Prideaux M, Marine species beyond borders: a case study of regional and interconnected species and habitat protection and understanding a migratory range approach, presented at Migratory Species: A Passport to 2010, IUCN World Conservation Forum, 2004

Prideaux M, Beyond the State: Building Regimes for Species Protection in All Oceans, Hawke Research Institute, Working Paper Series No 24, Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia, 2003Prideaux M, Sheltering in Deep Water: Cetacean Critical Habitat Protection in all Oceans, WDCS International, 2003

Prideaux M, Conserving Cetaceans: The Convention on Migratory Species and its Relevant Agreements for Cetacean Conservation, WDCS, 2003
English / French / Spanish / German

Prideaux M, Small Cetacean and World Politics: Developing regimes for species survival, PhD Dissertation, University of South Australia, 2003 (available on request)

Smyth C, Prideaux M, Davey K and Grady M, Oceans Eleven: The Implementation of Commonwealth Oceans Policy and ecosystem-based regional marine planning, Australian Conservation Foundation 2003

Prideaux M, Discussion of a Regional Agreement for Small Cetacean Conservation in the Indian Ocean, California Western International Law Journal, Vol. 32, 2002

Prideaux M, A future for Cetacean Conservation in the Western South Pacific, an independent study submitted to Pacific Islands Leaders, 2001

Prideaux M, Environment Conservation in the Asia Pacific Region, Presentation to the Asia Pacific Youth Leadership Conference, Taiwan, 1996